Wind Energy

In recent years, wind energy has become one of the most economical renewable energy technologies. Today, electricity generating wind turbines employ proven and tested technology, and provide a secure and sustainable energy supply. At good, windy sites, wind energy can already successfully compete with conventional energy production methods. Many countries have a considerably amount of wind resources, which are still untapped, meaning that a technology that offers remarkable advantages is not used to its full potential.

Some of these advantages are:

  • Wind energy produces no greenhouse gases.
  • Wind power plants can make a significant contribution to the regional electricity supply and to power supply diversification.
  • A very short lead time for planning and construction is required as compared to conventional power projects.
  • Wind energy projects are flexible with regard to an increasing energy demand - single turbines can easily be added to an existing park.
  • Finally, wind energy projects can make use of local resources in terms of labor, capital and materials.

Potential contributions of this energy source are incredibly immense, and at Helsebo Energy we think they are worth exploring on a large scale.